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❤ [Doujinshi Sale] Kagakuro (Kuroko no Basuke) ❤


I'm selling two of my kagakuro doujin that I purchased at SCC23. They are both by the circle YS (Sato) and R-18.

More info and pics below the cut!

Right: 黒子テツヤには秘密がある [There is a Secret to Tetsuya Kuroko]
サディスティックメランコリー  [Sadistic Melancholy]

Breif Descriptions:

Right: Kuroko really likes wearing lingerie and his secret is compromised once the boys find a pair of panties in the locker room. Kagami finds it hot.

Left: Kuroko likes rough sex but he doesn't want to tell Kagami, who being the angel that he is, does not have rough sex. Kuroko later convinces Kagami to give it a try and, well yes. Tiny hints of S&M.

Payment + Shipping:
❤ Both books will be $15 each [feel free to negotiate through PM].
❤ If you'd like to purchase both, it'll be $25.

❤ I ship from California.
❤ Shipping will be $3 each or $5 for both. If you're international, message me for a different shipping rate.
❤ The books will be shipped out in a padded envelope with carboard for add protection.
❤ Payments will be made through paypal.
    Here's my ebay feedback:

More Info!
❤ Both titles are in Japanese!
❤ These are both R-18.
❤ Both have censoring but it's nothing too noticeable (the bars are tiny lol).
❤ They're in great condition, I've only read them twice and did not bend the binding in any way.
❤ If you'd like to discuss further, feel free to message me!


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