pastelprince46 (pastelprince46) wrote in dj_trade,

Yaoi Doujinshi for Sale

I ship from the U.S I Prefer to ship ONLY in the US.
~Prices do not include shipping
~not interested in trades. I'm trying to offload stuff, and I can use the money
~ALL items are in good to like-new condition
~ Must be 18+ to buy from me
~ Any questions just ask me

~Beach Doujinshi Bundle "Hot Summer" and "Trust Me" (Ichigo x Kon) & (Ichigo x Hollow Ichigo) both are R18 $10 each
~ Magi Labyrinth of Magic (Sinbad x Jafar) R18 $8
~ K Project R18 (Mikoto x Izumo x Reisi) $5
~ Original BL Doujinshi Nekomimi x Nezumimi $5
~ Attack on Titan (Jean x Marco) R18 $5
~ Tiger and Bunny (Kotetsu x Barnaby) R18 $8
~ Warrior Orochi BL (never heard of the game its based off but its just a scene of them fighting kinda is shounen ai) $5
~ Original Chinese Yaoi Doujinshi (not sure where its from it could be original but its in Chinese) $5


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