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Yaoi Doujinshi Center

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This community is based upon a mutual love of Yaoi Doujinshi for all anime and manga series that exist. While I would like the community to be similar to yaoi_daily, I would also like it to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to buy, sell, or trade doujinshi, as well as a place to find downloads and scanlation projects to download from. And of course, post your own doujinshi creations as well! This will NOT be a scanlation project in itself, though if people are willing to translate, by any means, translate! Basically, this is a place to find yaoi doujinshi for any series, any pairing, and any format. Or, so I hope. Someday.


Oh no. These. Yes, we have rules, as communities are wont to do. All I ask is that you familiarize yourself with them and follow them as best you can. We understand slip ups, and I'm not an ogre.

1. Please post your doujinshi format in the subject line. This helps me find them later. For example:
If you are putting up Doujinshi to sell, put [Doujinshi Sale] in the title.
If you are putting up Doujinshi for trade, put [Doujinshi Trade] in the title.
If you are posting a link to a site that scans, sells, or has doujinshi for download, put [Doujinshi Sites] in the title.
Easy, no?

If you are either putting up a downloadable link to a doujinshi, or posting scans to one, the format is a little different. First of all, please Member Lock your posts. These save the bandwidth for those who are actually a part of the community. Second, please put [Doujinshi Download] or [Doujinshi Post] in the title along with the name and series of the Doujinshi you are posting. I WILL be archiving these, so it will help me immensely!

Example: [Doujinshi Post] [Rurouni Kenshin] [SaitouxKenshin] ... or something to that effect.

Format of posting scans:

Title Self explanitory, if you don't know it, maybe someone will help you out.
Series Where is it from?
Pairings Include these too.
Warnings VERY IMPORTANT! Is it work safe? Shota? Non-Con? If you're not sure, ASK ME!
Source Where did you get it? Did you scan it yourself? From IRC? What channel? Credit is important!
Summary Optional, really. Some aren't long enough for one.

Lastly, this should go without saying, but use an LJ-CUT TAG for any and all images. No teasers, please. You can find info on how to do that Here.

2. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. I know your momma taught you this, and it goes for comments too. If you don't like the pairing/series/doujinshi/poster in question, just ignore them and move onto the next entry. I will NOT tolerate rudeness or trolls.

3. This is for the posting of YAOI doujinshi only. Yaoi means malexmale. More info found here on that subject. Gag doujinshi, or those with no pairings, or yaoi and het together are fine (as long as the het is in the background), but please don't post doujinshi that are solely het. We want boy candy, not boobies kthxbai.

4. Please, no intro posts. If you want to make one, include something useful in them.


Bleach Party!: More info found Here
Dark Kitsune Scans: More Info found Here
Dragonfly Scans: More Info found Here
Muraki's Doujinshi Delight: More Info found Here

...More forthcoming!

Need to contact me? Have an idea, question, complaint? Try my email: rhiannon3j @ yahoo DOT com or AIM: rhi3j.

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